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KHPOA Launches Strategic Plan For The Year 2023-2027

The Kenya Health Professions Oversight Authority (KHPOA) has launched its strategic plan for the year 2023-2027, which aims at committing health care practitioners to uphold the highest standards in the health sector.

The strategic plan focuses on health professional regulation, right to health, health service delivery, strategic information, research and innovation and institutional capacity development.

Speaking at the launch, Principal Secretary (PS) for Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muriuki said that the first strategic plan for 2023-2027 is a milestone that underscores unwavering commitment to ensure the highest standards of healthcare deliberation and professional practice across the country in quality of care, standards, affordability and availability.

‘KHPOA plays a critical role in safeguarding the integrity, professionalism, and competence of health care practitioners ultimately enhancing the quality and safety of health care services nationwide,’ she said.

The PS observed that oversight has become a very critical area, since it informs on the regular basis, where health is going wrong or to ensure that the management will go out to collect information from different regulatory bodies and give direction in terms of helping the state department to plan better.

‘The Authority demonstrates its commitment to harmonizing its objectives in several blueprints at global continental, regional and national goals,’ stated Muriuki, adding that the government continues to depend on KHPOA to provide effective, responsive, and oversight in the regulation of health and professional practice by contributing to the progressive fulfilment of the right to health for all citizens.

The PS reiterated that the plan embodies a collective commitment to ensuring the highest standards and excellence in the delivery of healthcare service across the country, stressing that excellent quality will only happen if right equipment are available in facilities, qualified human resources for health, right infrastructure and quality that is followed in the professionalism of what is happening in health facilities.

‘It is imperative that we adapt the innovative innovation to meet the health needs to empower communities while upholding the principles of integrity and accountability in the quality health care delivery,’ she added.

Muriuki cited the plan not only ensures the Authority’s responsiveness to current health challenges but also positions it to the future and certainty in the dynamic field of health care, disclosing that it is a culmination of extensive collaboration and consultation with stakeholders.

The PS noted that objectives will enhance regulatory frameworks, promote continued professional development, and foster a culture of excellence and innovation within the health care sector.

The KHPOA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Jackson Kioko termed the plan as a critical operational tool that symbolizes the commitment to transform the healthcare landscape in the country.

The CEO emphasized that KHPOA is committed to efficiency and responsiveness in an oversight function to regulate security of health services and professionals in the country, adding that the visionary plan will enable the organization to evolve into a dynamic and forward-thinking agency.

‘The agency is dedicated to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and accountability and quality of care to the public,’ maintained Kioko.

He also noted that the authority has remained dedicated to their mandate to nurture professionals who are not fit for purpose but are able to participate in the achievement of Universal Health Coverage.

Source: Kenya News Agency