General News

County Launches Livestock Vaccination Drive To Eradicate Rabies

An organisation dubbed Riffle Effects has initiated a vaccination campaign against rabies in Homa Bay aimed at eradicating rabies in domestic animals.The campaign that was launched Friday in Kanyamwa Kosewe Ward within Ndhiwa constituency to end the s…

NSIA-LUTH inaugurates programme for children with cancer

To provide specialised radiation therapy for children with cancer, the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Centre (NLCC) has introduced a Paediatric Radiation Oncology Programme in Lagos.The Centre Director of NLCC, Dr Lilian Ekpo, said during a media tour on Thursday t…

Kunene lacks resources for mental health interventions

Residents of Kunene, particularly young people, suffer from mental illness, and the region lacks the resources needed to implement an effective mental health strategy, relying instead on the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital. This was said by Daniel Kaveta, a community liaison officer in the Department of Disability Affairs of the Ministry

Malaria Remains Leading Cause of Child Death in Africa: Health Minister

Malaria epidemic remains the leading cause of death in Africa particularly children, Ethiopia’s Health Minister, Lia Taddese remarked. The 9th Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) Annual Conference and Exhibition opened today in Addis Ababa. More than 1,000 participants have been attending 5-day global conference to discuss on ways to combat