About Us

Saint Helena News Express is meant to cover the news from all over the world related to the African region with concentrating the domestic news of all the sectors in Saint Helena. The purpose of this website is to highlight the issues of common people faced in the country. Our news website aims to be known as the trustworthy source of publishing the news of all parts of the African region. That landmark has been achieved and behind that there is our professionalism, which gives an edge over other online news website. We are not into the war of getting ratings by any means, and that strategy helps us to get the trust of the people as we publish news as it is without adding any extra content. The authentic news sources of our website, is our pride, and that is what only fewer news websites have. We believe that people are to come across only reliable news, and understand that publishing any fake news may cause many problems for them. Over the course of many years of struggle, we have achieved the landmark to be fully credible source and that our St Helena Press Releases also depict. Our support for the businesses of African region is no more a hidden story, as both the owners of the businesses from Saint Helena and from the rest of the African countries trust our website for their marketing purposes. Our website gives them multiple benefits such as a high number of traffic on their website and the chance to get the business recognized internationally, which also helps them to make loyal customers from out of the African region as well. All they have to do is to submit their press releases on our website, and start getting the benefits for their businesses. Since the social media websites go parallel to the mass media, it is the requirement of every news website that it remains live on all the sites of social media all the time. Since its birth, the mass media has been leveraging it to good the instant comments and feedbacks regarding the news they publish, and that is what we do, but we have gone a step ahead as we also offer them to keep on telling us about the elements that have to be improved on our website. This gives them a sense of being considered as the valuable readers.  They can also get our services in order to get aware of all sorts of events from every sector, such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds.