Nkurenkuru to host World Malaria Day next month

WINDHOEK: Namibia will commemorate Malaria Day at Nkurenkuru in the Kavango West Region on 10 November.

The theme of the event will be ‘Communities working together towards zero malaria.’

Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) Executive Director Ben Nangombe in a media statement on Monday said the event will be held in conjunction with the SADC Malaria Day, annually commemorated on 06 November, seeking to renew regional commitments and efforts to eliminate the deadly disease.

Established by the World Health Organisation, World Malaria Day is commemorated on 25 April to highlight the global efforts to control malaria. However, this year, the event in Namibia was postponed to 10 November 2023 due to various commitments under the MoHSS.

According to Nangombe, the event will serve as a platform to showcase the achievements Namibia made in the fight against malaria while sharing best practices and fostering dialogue among stakeholders.

Key highlights of the event include social mobilisation engagement and interactive sessions that will empower participants with knowledge about malaria prevention, and the importance of timely diagnosis, IRS scale-up intervention, and a call for communities to participate in the indoor residual spray campaign aimed at enhancing malaria prevention.

Health professionals and community leaders will gather for symbolic activities, including a solidarity walk, to emphasise the united front against malaria.

Nangombe further said the commemoration in Nkurenkuru will also pay homage to SADC Malaria Day, aligning with the theme ‘Resilient health systems and communities: key to malaria elimination.’ This theme highlights the importance of building robust health systems that can withstand the challenges posed by malaria, ensuring sustained progress towards malaria.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency