EMA Urges Media to Play Leading Role in Nat’l Dialogue, Transitional Justice

Addis Ababa: The Ethiopian Media Authority (EMA) has called on the media to play a critical role for the success of the historic national dialogue and transitional justice.

Ethiopian Media Authority Director-General, Mohammed Idris, told ENA that the national dialogue and transitional justice have huge significance in the protection of human rights and ensuring lasting peace in the country.

Realizing national dialogue and transitional justice is vital in building a strong nation, he noted, adding that the active role of all sections of the society will significantly contribute to the success of the processes.

In this regard, the mass media have the responsibility of creating a clear understanding among the general public about the issues and refrain from reports that hinder the process, Mohammed underscored.

The director-general said that the authority will continue to play its role in providing capacity building training for the media to enable them to cover issues and report ethically.

According to him
, the national dialogue and transitional justice will define the future of the country and are of great public interest.

The media should therefore play their role based on such reality.

For Mohammed, the media have crucial role in creating awareness about national dialogue and transitional justice among the public so that they can participate in the process with a spirit of ownership.

Recall that the Government of Ethiopia recently reaffirmed its commitment to implementing transitional justice and national dialogue which are essential to ensure lasting peace.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Ethiopian government has adopted a comprehensive approach to address the root causes of internal conflicts, paving the way for a more harmonious future

Source: Ethiopian News Agency