ZephyrTel Announces Acquisition of Accuris Networks

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ZephyrTel, a software company dedicated to serving global telecommunications operators, is pleased to announce it has acquired Accuris Networks’ business with immediate effect.

The acquisition of Accuris Networks is part of ZephyrTel’s plan to deliver an end to end Telco application suite to telecom businesses worldwide through strategies that surround both Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) and is a statement of the company’s focus and strategy on cloud leadership in the Telco market.

Accuris Networks world-leading Global “Connect” interconnectivity platform is utilised by global mobile and fixed operators and vertical service providers to expand their networks and markets to best leverage low-cost access, coverage and capacity required for Mobile, IoT and 5G applications. Accuris Networks offers a complete operational and commercial solution to significantly simplify connectivity between networks.

With 59% of all Mobile data traffic offloaded by 2022 according to Cisco VNI Feb 2019, Carriers require tighter integration between networks to best leverage the latest standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and Passpoint. With ever-increasing smartphone growth and usage, Carriers and subscribers benefit with frictionless connectivity to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, IPX and fixed networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience.

ZephyrTel CEO, Mike Shinya, commented: “It is a great privilege to add Accuris Networks to our growing cloud product portfolio, a further proof point towards our goal of providing value to telecoms businesses worldwide. We aspire to be a leading partner to Telco companies in their digital transformation and cloud migration programmes, as we continue to acquire and develop new solutions that bring efficiencies and productivity gains to our customers.”

The platform will be taken to market in the same way that other acquired software products in ZephyrTel’s portfolio are currently, including Mobilogy Now, PeerApp, VoltDelta, Vasona, NewNet Messaging, Invigorate, ResponseTek for Telco and Service Gateway.

About ZephyrTel
Launched in early 2018, ZephyrTel has rapidly scaled up to reach revenues of $70M, and its customers include more than 330 of the leading Telecom Operators globally. ZephyrTel is serving the telecommunications industry worldwide with cloud solutions for mobile, infrastructure, retail and customer experience, continuously extending its Telco product range. More information: www.zephyrtel.com.

For further information please email:
Martyn Lambert, Chief Marketing Officer martyn.lambert@zephyrtel.com
Buddie Ceronie, SVP Customer Success buddie.ceronie@zephyrtel.com

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