160 people responded to the survey

55% of respondents were aged between 36 and 59 years

The majority of respondents (39%) were very interested in news from SHG

90% of respondents were interested in SHG Public Announcements like Road Closures and Sea Conditions

Respondents wanted to hear more on Airport movements, general good news stories on-Island, updates on project spending and Aid spending and new arrivals to the Island

84% of respondents were interested in SHG news to keep up-to-date with what’s happening in Government

The majority of respondents generally trust SHG news

Reasons given for not trusting SHG news included news being unreliable, often weeks old and not enough information being given

41% of respondents felt that information from SHG was issued in a fairly timely manner

SHG’s messages have some impact on people’s personal and professional lives for various reasons including in decision making, keeping up to date with what’s happening in SHG and being aware of local affairs

Reasons why respondents were interested in SHG news included to ensure their future plans are the right decisions, because they would love to visit and stay on St Helena, and to learn about progress

News, respondents wanted to hear about that they don’t yet receive from SHG included more information on progress following announcements, feedback and reports from all official overseas visits and Police reports

Suggestions for making SHG information easier to understand included more videos and online content, using layman’s terms so the man on the street can understand and keeping releases simple

St Helena Government (SHG) has today published the results of their Public Opinion Survey 2019. The report is available on the SHG website here: http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/publications/

This is the first survey of this kind to be conducted by SHG in recent years and results will be used by the organisation to improve its external communications work going forward to ensure that the public get the information they need, in a format they understand and through a channel they are comfortable to use.

Head of News Kerisha Yon said:

Thank you to all who took part in the recent Public Opinion Survey. The results have provided us with valuable data on how we can improve the way we communicate with our various audiences. The comments made were particularly insightful and very useful in recommending how we might improve.

We will now develop an action plan to take account of the public opinion survey results and hopefully people will start to see an improvement in our communication output over the coming months.

Notes to Editors

The SHG Public Opinion Survey ran between 28 February and 21 March 2019 to gather people’s views on what they think about the information provided to them by Government. Survey questions asked how do you receive Government news now, how would you like to receive news going forward, what would you like us to tell you about and how can we make our information better for you to understand.

Source: St Helena Government

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