The African Union Commission and the African Minerals Development Center consult the Private Sector on the implementation of the Africa Mining Vision

The African Union Commission (AUC) and the African Minerals Development Center consulted today the Private Sector on the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) initiative under the theme: Leveraging the role of Chambers of Mines and Mining Association in the implementation of the Africa Mining Visionrdquo;. The objective of the two-day meeting is to have a frank discussion and contribution amongst Private Sector and leaders from Chambers of Mines on how to implement the African Mining Vision.

The role of the Chambers of Mines is to protect and promote the interests of their members and their roles have evolved to work closely with governments as major stakeholders to address major common challenges such as job creation and poverty alleviation. Chambers of Mines also play a bigger role in attracting investments.

In his opening statement, the Chairman of Rwanda Mining Association (RMA), Mr. Jean Malic Kalima pointed out that Rwanda like most of other African countries is endowed with minerals. According to him, mining activities were being carried out by government until 2006 when mining sector was privatized and hence the entry of the private sector players in the mineral business led to the formation of Rwanda Mining Association in 2012 under the umbrella of Private Sector Federation to facilitate smooth transition of mining business to entirely private business companies and cooperatives. The Chairman highlighted some of the challenges that face the sector namely amongst others, mineral price fluctuations on the international market, low technical capacities of the main actors and limited access to Finance. He informed the meeting that Rwanda Mining Association in partnership with other stakeholders is establishing initiatives to improve the sector by establishing a strong collaboration framework among the private sector players, relevant government institutions, and other associations for the purpose of value addition. He concluded by urging participants to come on board as Rwanda Mining Association still has room for partnerships with other stakeholders in the region and Africa as a whole in order to set up a strong Public Private Partnership that, he said, will serve to achieve the socio economic development of the Africa Mining Vision.

In his keynote speech on behalf of H.E. Mrs. Fatima Haram Acyl, the Commissioner for Trade and Industry, Mr. Frank Mugyenyi, Senior Industry Advisor for the Department of Trade and Industry of the AUC, pointed out that the so called Remarkable economic growth ratesrdquo; and The rising Africardquo; did not translate into job creation and poverty reduction and now with the falling commodity prices, Africa is at its crossroads. The thousands of young Africa men and women migrants and thousands of them perishing in the Mediterranean Sea trying to cross to where they think they can find decent jobs, are not political asylum seekers but economic migrantsrdquo;, he mentioned. What can we do about this?rdquo; he asked. The answer is not simple but a must; Africa is re-writing its history and shifting the paradigm of development. Africa is writing its own narrative for development embedded in, social and economic structural transformation, underlined by industrialization that leads to inclusive growth and sustainable economic development as articulated in Agenda 2063rdquo;, he answered. According to the Senior Industry Advisor, a global Strategy to optimally use Africa's resources that benefit all Africans is urgently needed for Africa. Africa cannot afford to have it wrong this time around, there is no room for error and this can only be achieved through broadening partnerships and bringing the private sector on board in policy planning and implementation.rdquo; He emphasized. Before he concluded, Mr. Mugyenyi called for proper engagement with the African Private Sector and all the stakeholders along the value chains. He urged participants to work and act together in order to be at the centre of the boom that will be created by Africa's own demand of manufactured and industrial products as Africa works its way up the ladder of social and economic structural transformation of economies.

The Africa Mining Vision emphasizes the transformative role played by the mineral resource sector in the development milestones of African countries. The AMV compact targets mining companies including oil and gas, Chambers of Mines and other mineral sectors and it is based on principles that can be aligned with corporate core values, policies, strategic plans and mission statements of companies in the extractive sector.

Source: African Union Commission (AUC).

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