Techiman Marks 2014 ‘Fofie Kesee’ Yam Festival With A Colourful Durbar (BA/R)


Sep 2014

The chiefs and people of Techiman Traditional Area in the Brong Ahafo Region, have rounded-up the celebration of their annual Yam Festival, known “Fofie Kesee Yam Festival” with a grand durbar. The occasion was also used to mark the 10th anniversary of the enstoolment of the Omanhene of the Techiman, Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV on Ohene Ameyaw stool.


This year’s festival was celebrated under the theme “Strengthening the Partnership between Techiman Traditional Authorities and all stakeholders to utilize opportunities for development”.

Oseadeeyo Akumfi Ameyaw IV, in his welcome address said the Yam Festival was to give honour, praise and thanksgiving to Almighty God and the ancestors for their bountiful blessings of a good yield.

In a brief history of Techiman, the Omanhene said the Bono Kingdom of which Techiman is the heir, was established in 1295 under the leadership of Nana Asaman, exactly 719 years ago.  He affirmed the rich Bono culture and the proud cultural heritage of the Bono people of which they cherished.

The Omanhene averred that, Techiman is one of the fastest growing Municipalities in the country and the most populous in the Brong Ahafo Region because of their hospitability to all manner of people. “…our forefathers bequeath to us as a people, a very warm heart that has made us hospitable to all manner of persons. 

A clear example is when the Asantes and other ethnic groups were passing from the North to their present abode, they were treated nicely by the then Bono King at Bono Manso”, he emphasized. He stressed that this unwavering hospitable had led Techiman to become one of the most economically viable places for investment. 

Touching on his achievements for the past ten (10) years, he said the Traditional Council had started an airstrip construction to help convey people to and from Techiman.  “We therefore invite Government and the private sector to partner the Traditional Council to complete this project”, he appealed.

Based on the current population of Techiman Traditional Area which is about 250,000 with the growth rate of 3.8%, the Omanhene pleaded with Government to provide Techiman with a bigger health facility to take care of the health needs of the people in particular and Ghanaians in general. He noted that the chiefs had made available appreciable hectares of land that could accommodate a Teaching hospital in this respect.

On commerce, the Omanhene said the Techiman Central Market was an international Market and the Banking sector plays a fundamental role in modern trade.  He said in view of this, the Techiman Traditional Council had made available land to financial institutions which wish to set up their Northern sector offices in Techiman. 

“The setting up of such office is very important taking into consideration the market, the location of Techiman and the peace that prevails in the Traditional Area.  I therefore use this opportunity to invite all financial institutions in the country to consider this proposal”, he advised.

He noted that due to the booming economic activities in the Traditional Area, Techiman is not left out in the list of cities engulfed with filth. He called on the state to convert both solid and liquid waste causing diseases and killing Ghanaians into profitable venture such as energy generation and fertilizer. To put our cities clean, and avoid environmental hazards, he said the Techiman Traditional Council had made available land to any investor who wished to establish waste recycling plant in Techiman.

The Omanhene made a passionate appeal to Government to upgrade Akumfi Ameyaw Senior High School to a College of Education for the youth who completed Senior High School to have easy access to a teacher training education. “We make this request due to the fact that there are numerous senior high schools within the Traditional Area but not a single college of education.  The college of education if approved will serve the people of Techiman, North-Western part of Brong-Ahafo and South-Western part of Northern Region in particular and Ghanaians in general”, he emphasized..

He commended the peaceful atmosphere that transcend throughout the traditional Area and urged all the people and Ghanaians in general, be it political groups, social l setting, religious groups to continue to let peace prevail so that together the needed development can be achieved.

The Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, who was the guest of honour for the occasion, reiterated the call on Ghanaians to maintain good sanitary practices to help fight the cholera outbreak in the country. He gave the assured that the government was determined to stop the spread of the disease in the country.

He added even though there is no Ebola in the Country, there was the need for Ghanaians to take preventive measures to safeguard themselves. He advised Ghanaians to minimize human to human contacts and the eating of bush meat such as bat and antelope amongst others, to avoid being infected with the deadly Ebola Viral Disease.
Source: ISD (Imoro T. Ayibani)

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