TAG Org, Silatech Organization to connect craftsmen with employers in Palestine

Doha - Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org) and Silatech Organization signed a partnership agreement to establish the "Khadamati" portal which connects craftsmen with stakeholders in Palestine.

This portal enables job seekers to market and advertise their services and professional capabilities. The employers, through the portal, post a job or a task and then the system matches the requirements of the post with the qualifications of the experienced craftsmen.

This initiative aims to solve the high unemployment in Palestine. It creates more job opportunities for the graduates of technical and vocational training in the 20-29 age group, since the unemployment rate is up to 39% in the West Bank and 52% in Gaza.

The portal will include a monitoring system. Each craftsman or woman is given recommendations and an assessment of their work by the employer in order to encourage them to work professionally and according to the highest standards and to re-employ them.

In this regard, Mr. Salah Abu-Asbeh, the Executive Director of the Professional Partnerships in TAG-Org, said: "This initiative stems from the social responsibility assumed by TAG-Org,ointing out to that HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman of TAG-Org, pays particular attention to youth in terms of capacity building and job creation.

"Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh's idea to establish and launch the "Khadamati" portal in partnership with Silatech which shares his interest in transforming all services to electronic ones in response to the developments and changes facing the world," he added, explaining that the project would start in Palestine and be extended to other Arab countries later.

The portal provides the service to job seekers and prospective employers of professionals and craftsmen. It connects them to each other at any time and in any place. Employers find skilled and experienced professionals and can see how professional and effective they are through accessing their accounts on the portal. They also can benefit from the electronic points system that gives points to the user whenever he employs any professional and worker through the portal. These points can be used for advertising, obtaining discounts, or for subscriptions and membership.

The types of trades and professions which will be accessible via the portal will include programming (software), construction and maintenance, manufacturing, transporting (freight cars), computer technical support (hardware), catering services, hairdressing and beauty care, sewing, health care, education/training, handicrafts, driving, tour guide services and others. In the future, private sector companies in the Middle East and North Africa that are looking for tradespeople or professionals in specific fields will be targeted to facilitate the expansion of their business through posting on "Palestine Ta3mal".

Khadamati will be connected to "Palestine Ta3mal", the first employment platform in the Arab region which helps job seekers to enter the labor market. It is expected that this connection will help the two portals to promote the traffic and the mutual marketing, to access a database of new stakeholders and reach new and undiscovered markets. In addition to creating jobs for youth in Palestine, the portal will provide online training courses for craftsmen via "Palestine Ta3mal" to enhance their skills, competitiveness and added value in the Palestinian market.

Source: National News Agency

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