Ten members of SHG staff have applied for the SHG Future Leaders Programme, which closed on Friday, 30 June 2017.

Chief Secretary (Designate) Susan O'Bey said:

This is a great response and demonstrates that people are thinking seriously about their career pathways and are keen to develop their skills.

Corporate HR is now in the process of short listing the applicants who will then be notified whether they have been accepted onto the programme.

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

Applicants' motivation to join the Future Leaders Programme � whether they are ambitious and career minded and want to develop within SHG

Experience and preferences and how these fit with the future leaders abilities, people skills and personality/motivations

Successful applicants will be invited to an Assessment Centre/Selection Day which is planned to take place on Wednesday, 19 July 2017. During this day, applicants will be assessed on how they 'fit' or 'match' with the skills, attitudes and outlook of a successful future SHG leader.

The day is likely to include some/all of the following:

An introduction to the Future Leaders Programme and what this is about

Completion of some psychometric tests & exercises, for example, personality questionnaires, motivation questionnaires, ability tests and situational judgement tests

Undertaking a group exercise or individual task

Having a structured interview about the applicants' experiences

Prior to the assessment centre/selection day, applicants will be provided with information about the day and advice on how to prepare for this.

Source: St Helena Government

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