Scouting For Tuta Absoluta

A tomato farmer may have plucked samples of his crops and taken them to an extension officer for examination. However, the parts collected may not have been the right ones. Or there might have been deterioration of the samples in transit. These factors may warrant a visit to the farm to ascertain the current status of the crops and possibly collect fresh samples.

The extensionist visits the tomato farm. The farmer is present. The two walk around the farm examining the crops. A physical manual, The Plantwise Diagnostic Field Guide, which is a tool to diagnose crop problems and make recommendations for their management may be used. A magnifying glass could be invaluable in getting a better look at the blemishes on the crops.

Diagnostic questions

The answers to the following questions would be helpful in analyzing the symptoms manifest in the crop.

What parts are affected?

Where are the symptoms?

Which growth stages are affected?

How is the progression of the symptoms?

What is the severity of the attack?

Can you describe the symptoms using the correct terminology based on the Plantwise Diagnostic Field Guide?

Are there changes in growth, colour and shape?

Are there visible signs of fungi, insects or other pests?

How many plants are affected?

When did the problem appear?

Is this the first time that the problem has appeared?

Source: Kenya News Agency