The Quarterly Statistical News Bulletin for May 2017, covers the period January to March 2017 (Quarter 1), and contains updates for the annual rate of inflation of the Retail Price Index (RPI) and high-level economic indicators. Updates on the Estimated Population and Passenger Arrivals are not available at this time.

Inflation of the RPI in Quarter 1 2017 compared to the previous quarter increased by 2.2 per cent. Annual inflation stood at 7.0 per cent in Quarter 1 2017 � up by 2.3 percentage points from the previous quarter and 6.3 percentage points from the same period in 2016. The main upward pressures come from the 'Food', 'Miscellaneous Goods' and 'Transport' categories, with increases on specific goods within the 'Food' category contributing 1.4 percentage points towards the headline rate of inflation.c

Source: St Helena Government

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