St Helena Government's IT Manager, Jeremy Roberts (photo attached), recently returned from attending the 58th Council Meeting and the Annual Forum of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation in the Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. As part of their commitment to enhancing expertise within SHG, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office provided funding for Jeremy's attendance.

The Commonwealth ICT 18 was an open forum and took place ahead of the Council Meeting. The forum provided an excellent opportunity for members and other industry stakeholders to discuss the issues affecting the development of ICT in the Commonwealth and beyond. Held this year under the theme 'Digital Transformation for Development: People, Processes and Technology', the discussions focused on:

Broadband Planning for Digital Transformation

Creating a Favorable Investment and Development Climate

Changing the Nature of Universal Service Funds


The Impact of Net Neutrality

Cybersecurity � Strategy and Implementation

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Opportunities

General Data Protection Regulations

Artificial Intelligence: Definition, Opportunities and Challenges

The success of this year's Forum was depended on the long and rich experience of participants; people who have helped to shape advances in ICT socio-economic development.

Jeremy commented:

This was an excellent opportunity to participate in such a prestigious event, which provided an insight into the impact of existing and emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (loT), Big Data, Fin-Tech and the introduction of 5G mobile services.

The annual ICT Forum also provided a conductive environment to share and collaborate. Another important element up for discussion was the support and development of national mechanisms, which will facilitate end-to-end digital service transformation to meet the needs of any country in order to enhance its digital future and growth in revenue.

From an operational aspect, I found the conference extremely beneficial and inspirational as the new strategies and technologies, which were discussed by the experts in their field, will allow me to enforce the key objectives of SHG's Digital Strategy that will support the evolving age of Digitalisation and the newly enforced General Data Protection Regulation (GPRD).

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all those who made the trip a reality.

Source: St Helena Government

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