St Helena Government (SHG) and the UK Government have agreed a multi-year programme that aims to grow the Island's future economic prosperity and represents an important element of a new partnership between the UK Government and SHG.

Both governments will work together to maximise the impact of this programme. This will include jointly agreeing key on-Island reforms which will promote investment opportunities, build a stronger investment climate and a more resilient infrastructure base whilst preserving and promoting what makes St Helena unique.

The UK Government has clearly signalled its commitment to St Helena by providing up to Pound 30m to improve the Island's infrastructure over the next six years (2019/20-2024/25), Pound 15m of which is committed over the next three years (2019/20-2021/22), and Pound 15m which is indicatively planned for the subsequent three years (2022/23- 2024/25) subject to a review to be undertaken at the halfway stage of the implementation, to consider progress and assess value for money.

Source: St Helena Government

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