DID YOU MISS OUT on the ANRD Vaccination Programme?

The Island wide vaccination programme has been run and completed over the past 2

weeks. This is a proven and effective vaccine that will not only protect the Island’s

laying fowl and supply of eggs, but help us to deny the virus new victims.

If you missed out, we would ask that you ‘phone us here at ANRD and we will find a

way to assist you.


so that we can plan a new mix of vaccine.

The death rate in chickens is 100%. Please help us to push this disease into a corner

and eliminate it from the Island. Help us to STOP THE SPREAD by contacting us now.

Here’s what you will have to do:

1. Take away drinking water away from your chickens for 2 hours before they have

the vaccine, but leave feed. This means they will drink the vaccinated water very


2. Ensure that all the drinking water bowls have been washed using untreated

water (not chlorinated). Treated or chlorinated water will kill the vaccine. Do not use

any disinfectant and let the water bowls drain dry.

3. For maximum effectiveness the vaccine must be used immediately. Put it in the

cleaned drinking water bowls and offer it to the thirsty chickens. The vaccine will only

work when it is fresh.

4. Protect the area in your pen or coop where you feed the chickens from wild birds

with fine mesh, so they don’t get in to spread the disease.

Untreated water can be collected from standpipes at the following locations:

Scotland, near the firetank.

Hutts Gate, near the treatment plant.

Castle Gardens.

Woody Ridge.


ANRD would like to thank all poultry owners for their continuing

cooperation in our fight against this disease.

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