Dark Skies Lighting Public Consultation Sessions

Dark Skies Lighting Consultant, James Paterson, will arrive on St Helena this coming Saturday, 18 August 2018. During his time on-Island, James will be assisting with the public consultation process for introducing Dark Skies legislation and will be able to explain the details and requirements for this.

The Dark Skies legislation and Lighting Management Plan will mitigate light pollution in order to preserve and sustain the natural environment of St Helena. Introducing Dark Skies legislation will enable St Helena to apply for International Dark Sky Status with the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).

A series of public meetings will be held on the following dates to provide more information on the benefits of achieving International Dark Sky Status and what the legislation will mean for you. It is also hoped that a member of the St Helena Astronomy Club will attend some of these meetings to give a brief introduction to stargazing on St Helena. All meetings will start at 7pm.

Electrical contractors and wholesalers are invited to meet with James outside of the public consultation sessions. A meeting with electricians has been included in the programme for Thursday, 23 August, commencing at 9.30am at the Conference Room in the Canister and a meeting with wholesalers will take place on Tuesday, 28 August, commencing at 9.30am in the Conference Room at the Attorney General's Chambers in the Castle.

Source: St Helena Government

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