Ebony View is currently creating a therapeutic sensory room for children and adults with additional needs. This sensory room will provide a safe place for people to relax by creating a calm environment, using lights, sounds, textures and smells.

The sensory room is useful for helping people to keep calm, as well as being a learning space to teach new skills like communicating, or managing emotions such as anger.

The sensory room is based at Ebony View but will become available to the wider community when complete.

Ebony View Manager, David Vago, said:

"We will be holding an open day in the next few weeks. Details are yet to be confirmed but we will inform the public accordingly. This event will provide further information for anyone who is interested. We are also open to suggestions regarding what people would like to see in the sensory room. Refreshments will be made available.

Source: St Helena Government

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