ADDIS ABABA, The African Union has blamed armed groups in Libya for ill-treatment of Africans in Libya, including slavery.

The armed groups of Libya are responsible for the unspeakable misconduct they are doing on our African citizens, AU Peace and Security Commissioner Smail Chergui said in a media briefing here Monday, adding that the government of Libya was fully co-operating and has nothing to do with the misconduct.

The Commissioner said the situation in Libya was of great concern not only because of terrorism but also as a result of the trafficking of people, armaments and drugs

Chergui added that the AU was working with the European Union in averting the situation. Our efforts should not be confined to silencing the guns but also the illicit trafficking of different kinds, he stressed.

Referring to the situation in South Sudan, Chergui urged all concerned parties there to move on the revitalization process by respecting the recently signed peace agreement. We will not allow any of the warring parties to violate the ceasefire any more for it certainly is unacceptable, he stressed.

To this end, the AU, in collaboration with its partners, would continue providing all the necessary support until peace and stability prevailed in South Sudan, he said.

Regarding Somalia, the Commissioner noted that the Horn African country had made some "remarkable strides". However, he pointed out that it still remains a hot spot and needs assistance in many ways.

Mentioning that the Somali police forces were having difficulties in combating some of the occurrences, he said: Somalia still seeks our support, especially in building the capacity of its police forces and other related ones.

Noting that terrorism continued to be a threat for Africa, the Commissioner emphasized the need to act urgently. We do not need adapting any documents towards fighting terrorism for we have all we need. What we need now is to act promptly, he said.


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