The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate has a team arriving on Saturday, 7 April 2018, to carry out a feasibility study in respect of asbestos on the Island. The study will include the following:

Assessing and reviewing the relevance of current legislation, Policies & Procedures for the Management, Removal and Disposal of asbestos

Identifying the types and classifications of asbestos on-Island

Meeting property portfolio managers and contractors to discuss their roles and requirements

Meeting Environment and Waste Management teams to discuss implications

Develop Tender Documentation for future requirements

Identify training needs requirements, raising awareness and developing frameworks for bespoke training for the Island

The study will provide a Needs Assessment Review to inform and update information and training, in respect of asbestos, on St Helena in both the public and private sector.

The study will be used to inform training requirements in conjunction with the St Helena Community College going forward.

Source: St Helena Government

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